7 Ways to Get Started With Audio Streaming

Just get started with Audio Streaming by following these 7 ways -

Find out system and program requirements – Find out what system and program you will need for audio streaming. Different programs are available for audio streaming for example Real Player. You will need a computer for doing audio streaming. For best audio streaming you will need to use the best program and system.

Deciding what to audio stream – When you want to audio stream a audio, decide what you want to stream. Decide if is it a lecture or an interview or a greeting or a teleseminar that you want to provide your visitors.

In what form – There are several form in which you can stream a audio. You have to decide whether you would offer a live stream, archived one or both.
Create a digital file -Record the audio which you want to stream. Create a digital file of the audio. You can create a digital file from a tape or a CD or even from a digital video camera.
Convert the digital file into a streaming format – For creating a streaming format, you can upload the file. Upload it to a streaming server by using a using a FTP program.

Link to the file – You can now link the file from your web page. You have to link to a .ram file, which is available on the web server. The URL in the .ram file gets the visitor to the streamed audio file, which is played few seconds after a user clicks on it.

Arranging to serve – With a fast Internet connection and with the help of a powerful server you will be able to handle many audio streamers that too simultaneously. For providing best audio streaming, you will need a better connection.

For the best audio streaming, you will need expertise or professional need.

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